Shaun Attwood

Prank Claims Debunked

Here are the promised receipts revealing how Shaun Attwood's claims he and Cali Diamond had made me a "Military" target in their war against paedophiles is false.  

Note:  I will post a copy of the email to prove it is an email I received but the text does show all that well.  Therefore, I will also copy and past the text under the email because it is much easier to read.  

For those who have not followed the unfolding controversy, Shaun claimed to be helping a young woman who had been trafficked from the age of 24 to escape the criminals who were exploiting her and get her life put back on the right track.  Here is an email I received from Shaun that first mentions a woman he is helping and the real reason he is helping her, AS A PR EXERCISE.

5 Jun 2020, 18:34

"I've got even better news for you. I just interviewed someone who is being drugged and trafficked presently.  When I say better news, I mean because you are always criticising me for latching onto historical cases. I'm trying to help this person.
All the best,
Shaun "

Now,  the first thing that came to my mind was Shaun's statement that this woman he was helping was still being trafficked.  I had no idea at that time that he was planning interview her and not even try to protect her identity, or that he would be interviewing her from his flat.

When the first interview was set up for preview it was obvious he had filmed it in his flat and that he was not trying to obscure her identity.  That raised alarm bells with me immediately.  Human Trafficking involves some very high-level criminal activity and those involved in it are very dangerous, murder to silence someone is not unknown.

Plus, is it advisable to have a person who he claims is being trafficked at that time knowing his address?  If these traffickers wanted to take revenge out on Shaun for helping Cali Diamond expose them, it would not take much to torture the information out of her.  

Therefore, I sensed from day one there was something very dubious and questionable about this whole affair.  I could never have guessed at that time just how dubious and messed up it actually was.

The Go Fund Me  

Shaun then announced, in his second interview with Cali Diamond, that a kindly subscriber to his channel has set up a Go Fund Me Page for Cali, which is still accepting donations at the time of writing this on the  22nd of August, which shows just how Shaun and Cali have no shame and are still expecting donations.

It became clear to me a subscriber to Shaun's channel had not set up the page, it stated on the page itself that Cali Diamond has set it up and Shaun Attwood is the beneficiary.  In other words, the money goes to him, not Cali Diamond. 

The truth is, when I informed Shaun Attwood by email I had found Cali Diamond advertising her services as a sex worker, Shaun panicked, realizing that it would show his and Cali's Go Fund Me claims to be a scam, he came up with an ill thought through cover story that the sex worker site was part of an intentional plan to bring me down.

In essence, what was happening was Shaun was asking the Public to pay for his partner's living expenses and, to this day, is still expecting that to happen.  This is the same Shaun Attwood who is so flushed with cash he can afford to buy laptops for his moderators on his livestreams as a thank you gift, well the young female moderators that is.

Receipt 1:  The Email Shaun Should know

Here is the email which gave me the link to the website Cali Diamond was advertising her services on.  I have obscured the email address for one reason;  

Shaun claims he and Cali were using the site to set me up and they had been placing photographs and videos on there for months.  This is to cover the fact the photos are date stamped as being put on there back in June this year.  

If Shaun is being truthful, he will be able to name the email address that sent me that link, I have asked him to name it and he refuses to do so.  Therefore, he does not know what the email address is, which means he did not send me that link and undermines his claims it was set up to deceive me.

Receipt 2:  The email I sent to Shaun telling him I had discovered the website

On the 28th August this year I let Shaun know I had discovered the website and the photo on it of Cali standing in front of the balcony Shaun had claimed she had attempted to throw herself to her death off.

To explain to those that do not know, Shaun posted a video looking very tearful claiming Cali had drank a bottle of Night Nurse, was banging her head off the ground and tried to throw herself to her death off his balcony but he caught her just in time.

I did this video in response to that news;

Cali suddenly vanished and Shaun posted a video where he stated that she had been taken to a place of "Spiritual Healing."  This alarmed me because what she needed was professional help in a mental heath unit. 

All kinds happened when I did that video.  All I will say for now is that there was a concerted effort, especially by Migrant Support, to wipe away all evidence that Cali had tried to take her own life from Social Media, which I refused to do.

All that I will advise people is, if they know anyone who is using the services of Migrant Support to be weary. There is something not right about them, I don't know what it is exactly, but they acted very questionably in the Cali Diamond situation.

There were even messages claiming to be from Cali herself asking me to remove any mention of her having attempted suicide but clearly were not composed by her.  Yet, they were coming from her YouTube Channel.  I am convinced it was someone from Migrant Support sending those messages.

Then less than three weeks later Cali diamond pops up again with Shaun Attwood throwing shade at me and it's back to business for the two of them.  It began to stink.  Cali was not coming across as someone who had not long beforehand had, had a breakdown and tried to take her own life.

I did not say at that time, but it was looking to me very like she may never have attempted to take her own life and it was all an act to scam people out of giving more money to her Go Fund Me page. 


What should be noted here is this photo from Cali Diamond's sex wenbsite was date stamped June this year, meaning at a time when Shaun was claiming to be helping Cali Diamond get into a safe place and turn her life around (which one would guess included not being on the game) it is obvious she was far from intending to get out of sex work and Shaun could be acting as her Pimp.

This is the response I received from Shaun, what is interesting to note is he says in it,

"l like you Ann, I've protected your channel in more ways than you know."

That is dated 28th of August this year, and when Shaun states that he had tried to protect my channel, he is referring to his podcasts cameraman James Espositio of Underground Films who films Shaun's podcasts and UKs Hidden Shadows who took down a video I did with a copyright strike, I will discuss that issue later in this blog.

What I need to point out here is that Shaun's email does not support Shaun's claim that he and Cali Diamond had been trying to take me down for months.  

"I hate to break this to you Ann, but you have been played by one of my ever-growing list of enemies, you should have targeted whoever gave you the ammunition, instead of becoming that person's cat's claw
I like you Ann, I've protected your channel in more ways than you know but I must now bow down from that role as you have allied yourself with the forces trying to destroy my credibility with that ridiculous ad hominem attack"

It was following this, I posted my video detailing that people had been scammed into giving donations to Cali Diamond's Go Fund Me page, here is a link to that video...

... that I began to receive emails from an account with the address xian lee socratplatarist which Shaun later revealed was him in his Prank Video.

Note: the date these emails start being sent. 31st of August.  That was 3 days after I posted the Scam Alert video to YouTube, therefore, this claim Shaun and Cali Diamond were to make that they had been setting me up as a military target for months in their war against paedophiles is not true.  

Think of it like this, when Cali and Shaun set up the Go Fund Me Page asking for 10K to get Cali a new start in life, they were not telling people that she was still very much on the game and they were both in a sexual relationship and it looked like Shaun could be acting as her Pimp as the videos and photos on the sex website were taken in his flat.

It also cast doubt on Shaun's and Cali's claims that the money would be used to help her escape the traffickers.  No way would she be advertising herself on a sex website, offering  not only to entertain men and women in her own flat but she also did home visits and her prices were not cheap.

How easy would it be for a trafficker to act as a John and book an appointment with her to get at her?  Their whole scam to defraud the public out of 10K was becoming undone.

Xian email 1

"is this actually ann email? i have info and video/photo your going to want to see of cali and attwood"

Xian email 2

"p.s im a good friend of calis and i dont like what attwood doing to her took this photo of cali phone so you know im guenuine"

I responded that I would be interested in hearing what they had to say and received this email.

Xian email 3

"Good I wouldn’t want Cali finding out as she go nuts but I believe your right about Shaun, Cali’s madly I love with him and it’s all weird. I’m sure she gives him her money. I’ve got this video off her laptop it’s in shauns house coz of the sofa and I’m pretty sure there’s podcasts in the same suit he’s waring 
I don’t mind trying to get more stuff if your going to expose him 
Cali’s suicide was real I think was because of him, and I’m sure migrant help think the same, Surry police are also suspicious about attwood when talking to Cali but she doesn’t see it I’m scared she’s walking straight into what she came from
Thank you Anne "

Note: that there are spelling errors in the email that Shaun was to later claim Cali Diamond told him to put in to make it look more authentic.  That reveals she is a conniving scammer.  Cali likes to claim she has Autism to make herself appear vulnerable and gain sympathy.   


In a lot of ways, I do think Cali can be vulnerable and Shaun has used her but having Autism does not mean she cannot be deceptive and accountable for her own actions in the Scam.  

Then the first video to come through via email was the now infamous and sickening #DaddyGate Video.  Here is the email sending it to me.

Xian email 4

Here is a link to the sickening video itself...

There are two schools of thought on the #DaddyGate Video.  Was it part of the prank or was it genuine in that Cali Diamond was genuinely giving Shaun head when acting like she is a very young child?

The fact that Shaun does not speak in it and he never shows the prank being filmed in his "Pranking Our Troll Ann Drogyne" Video he was later to produce, has led some, including myself, to believe it was genuine.  All Shaun or James Esposito did was edit out the act itself.  

The reason I say James could have done it is because Shaun claims James edited "ALL" the Prank videos, but there were only two he was claiming to be pranks.  The #DaddyGate video and the drug taking video.  

I will be discussing James Esposito later in this Blog, but if he did edit that #DaddyGate video and he did not immediately see that it was disturbing, he's not the person to be raising 15K at the moment to make a documentary about Jimmy Savile.

Note, Cali claims to have been a victim of Child Sex Abuse from the age of 4 at the hands of one of her uncles and Shaun knows this because she said it in the first podcast she did with him.  It is disgraceful to have done the #DaddyGate video that says a lot about Shaun Attwood's and James Esposito's moral compass or lack of it.

It also casts doubt on Cali's claim of being a victim of Child Sex Abuse that she would agree to partake in such a sickening role pay.  There is one part where she makes a short purring sound in the video. That knocked my stomach sour, because it's obvious she was well into going along with it.  She was excited herself.

Cali Diamond, Paedo Hunter 
Female Paedo Herself?

What is really disturbing is what Cali had to say to Shaun during their their 3rd podcast together.  This can be seen as Cali stating she fulfills paedophiles fantasies.  This does not make her sound like a Paedo Hunter, it makes her sound more like one herself if she is engaging in such activities with her Johns.

There is also the fact that the woman she refers to as her "Adoptive" mother, Lara FairyLove Stockbridge, celebrated her birthday in 2016 naked, playing a guitar when naked men and women and very young children were in a kind of spa tub with one of the children getting uncomfortably close to a males genitals more than once.

Here is that video;

It is interesting to note that Lara looks and sounds like a very close relation to Cali Diamond.  Some say it is her elder sister, others her real mother.  Why would Cali lie about their true relationship to each other?  Cali just lies a lot.

In his interview with Sonia Poulton on Brand New Tube, after the "Prank" video backfired on him and Cali Diamond, he claimed I had published the #DaddyGate Video immediately on YouTube.  That is not true, I was thinking about Cali's welfare and what the effect on her would be if I published the video.  Here is an email from me to xian expressing that concern.

"He is a pig, I knew it. Thank you for that.  I will not release that video, it will harm Cali if I do, but what I will do is when i make a video say that I have seen him with a woman acting like a toddler.  I don't want to hurt Cali.  But I knew he was no good,"

Now, it says about Cali Diamond herself, that more than once I was expressing concern for her welfare and she clearly did not care if I was concerned for her welfare or not.  A classic exaple of someone who uses others for their own gain.  And I have noticed since, as has Sonia Poulton, that Cali Diamond can be very conniving. 

She knows how to play the victim and put on a little vulnerable girl act.  As Shaun said to Sonia Poulton, Cali is "as hard as nails"  So forget the timid little girl act.   

But xian wanted me to publish it... 

Xian email 5

"Thank you it’s so nice to see her happy In her new place with her son, she’s needed a safe place,
he has helped her get from where she was. I can’t dini that. But think what he’s doing now is not right she don’t have id or access to her own money yet, so I know she’s 100% reliant on him she gets money from migrate help but can’t apply for benifits till got id. I’d hate for this to hurt her or her do anything to harm herself from this but shaun attwood has other motives now and needs to be stopped"

But I still did not feel comfortable publishing it...

"The problem is Xian, she maybe happy where she is but it's what she has to do in return, that video is disturbing.  And I've told Cali she should be having her son in her videos, she claims he doesn't know what she does, but will know and if she is not careful the Social Services will be on to her and she doesn't need that,"

But xian still wanted me to publish the video...

"Maybe blur out her face ? Don’t know how to make her see that shauns no good for her "

Therefore, this claim by Shaun that I rushed to post the #Daddygate Video is a LIE.   Clearly Shaun and Cali were not trying to test me to see what I would do, they were actively directing what would happen.  

I decided to use the video to try and get Shaun to refund all those who had donated to the Go Fund Me page and then close it down but I was told not to be stupid and offer Cali support, which I saw as Shaun putting two fingers up to my offer to keep the #DaddyGate Video private so I decided to go ahead and publish it.

The response from those who viewed it was significant and it was condemned outright.  

Then came the second video purporting to show Shaun acting as Cali Diamond's pimp and his snorting coke.  Now this one I was not so convinced by.  It did not feel genuine and Shaun looks at the camera twice.  But I decided to go with it but by this time I knew Xian was not who they claimed to be.  And for those who claim I was taken in by it, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, so I was conned to an extent.  Or wanted to be conned? 

There was a few more emails from xian saying that Shaun was fuming with me.  Then Shaun put up a premier with the title "Prank On Our Troll Ann Drogyne"  But the premier was delayed and xian sent me this email which I immediately knew was suspicious but never said anything.

"Check out her channel 4.30"

Of course, this was referring to Cali Diamond's channel and the prank video was premiered there.  And here is the prank video which initially got me hammered and insulted on YouTube....

Now I will draw your attention to the discrepancies, the important one I have already mentioned.  

Shaun claims he sent me the photo of Cali Diamond standing in front of the balcony in his flat dressed in a very sexual way, this one,

And he did so to start the prank off.  LIES, as I stated previously that came from a different email address than the xian one which was really Shaun.  

And it was not that I was sent the photo, I was told where to find it on the sex website.  Which, once I told Shaun I had discovered it, it was removed from the site and replaced with this one,

The question being, why go to the trouble of putting it on there and date stamped to June, way before the Prank was launched and then take it down?  The answer is that they both panicked when they knew I had found the website.

But the offer still stands for Shaun to name the email address I got the link to the sex website from.   Please feel free to ask him if you want to because he will not respond to me.  

The next LIE is Shaun claims I was accusing him and Cali of running a trafficking business from her flat she been given.  That is not true, if you listen to what I say in the Scam Alert video I say that Cali Diamond has been set up with her own YouTube channel asking for victims of trafficking to come forward to be interviewed and given help.

I said that seeing as it looked very like Shaun was pimping Cali out asking to interview trafficked women and sex workers could be a ruse to start up their own Brothel, I never used the word trafficking and never said it was happening at that time.

The next LIE was that I had told my subs on YouTube to report Cali Diamond to the Social Services and the Police to have her son removed from her care.

That is not true because I know Cali did not have full custody of her son.  She has very limited visitation rights.  She does not full custody so there is no point in my telling people to report her so that he would be taken from her, she did have him in the first place.

That claim she had custody of her son as a result of the donations that had been made to the Go Fund Me page was scam to get people to give more money over believing they had helped this poor trafficked woman get her life together.

The truth was, she was still on the game, Shaun was her lover and very possibly her pimp and he son was a pawn to scam more money out of people.

Initially, Shaun's video was very successful and I got hammered by his supporters calling me an idiot and gullible, I had hundreds of abusive comments and Shaun felt like he had won some kind of dirty war.

But over a 24 hr period they stopped, it went from hundreds to no abusive comment at all then it became clear people had, had time to digest Shaun's prank video and they were seeing the discrepancies and realizing it looked dubious and not a good PR exercise for Shaun.

The Deleted Explanation Video

The next day Shaun released this explanation video which he quickly removed again for reason I shall discuss...

Again Shaun reveals that he "snapped" following the Scam Alert video, no mention of a long term plan by Cali Diamond into taking me down as a military target in their fight against paedophiles.

Again, he accuses me of trying to have Cali's son taken off her and that I said they were both running a trafficking business, all LIES to deflect from the fact the claims of Cali being a trafficked woman in fear for her life and the scam Go Fund Me were being exposed.

BNT Interveiw With Sonia Poulton

The next day Shaun appeared on Brand New Tube to be cross-examined by Sonia Poulton about the controversy surrounding the whole situation.  I requested that I be given the right of reply but this was ignored which goes to show BNT are just running a narrative, they are not about freedom of speech, as they claim to be their mission.

What you have to understand is, Brand New Tube invested a lot of money and time in Sonia Poulton and Shaun's show on their site and this "Interview" was damage limitation.  It had nothing to do with establishing the truth and that is why I was not allowed to have a say.

In it Shaun made various claims and the telling one, and the reaon he took down the 1st prank explanation video, was because when talking to Sonia he wanted to make it look like this had all been panned for months to cover the fact that photographs and videos of Cali on the sex website were taken in his flat with a date stamp of June on them.

He also claims that Cali Diamond is some kind of Paedophile Hunter who had four paedophiles brought to trial and convicted.  Of course, this is total nonsense.  I have asked Cali Diamond and Shaun to name these paedophiles and which Courts they were convicted in and have received no response.  That is because it is all LIES.

So, I ask Cali Diamond and Shaun Attwood, again, name these paedophiles Cali had imprisoned.

 Yet again, Shaun claims I told my subs to report Cali Diamond to the Social Services and the police to haver her son taken off her.  Her son, I will stress again, she never had custody of her son.  That claim was simply made to scam people out of more donations.

Richie Allen

Richie Allen contacted me over the #DaddyGate Video and whether Shaun and Cali were in a realtionship or not.  Richie Allen is seen as a podcaster who is not frightened to take on difficult questions and is very much under the banner of conspiracy theorist.

He has interviewed Shaun in the past.  He contact me on Twitter via my messages.

Now that sound innocent enough.  But I founf it strange he said he would keep our chat confidential.  Why on Earth would he need to keep it confidential when he knows I'm talking about it on YouTube?  So I responded;

Richie Allen's next response was;

Next he tweeted out he was trying to get in touch with Mohammed Butt, one of the Founders of BNT.  I told him he would not have much luck there as BNT are very difficult to locate.  They are not a registered business and no contact emails advertised on the site.

Then Richie told me Shaun had responded to him, he had refused to speak on his show and gave him a statement to read out, which Richie had already done without out asking me if I would like to respond.   Here is what he read out;

Again notice how Shaun says he "Snapped" which again supports what I say about it being a LIE that him and Cali were trying to take me down for months as a military target against paedophiles.  

I was disgusted that Richie had done that, so I asked him for a right to respond and you know how you can see when someone is typing to you in your messages in Twitter, he spent ages typing, deleting, typing again this response;

In other words, he was denying me the right to reply.  And it does not sound right that he claims to know nothing about the situation and would have questioned Shaun if he came on the show.  
So why read a statement out at all?  I know I call Shaun Prince Attwood as a joke but that is what you would expect Royalty to do when caught in a scandal, a statement to be read out by a friendly News Network.  

So, I asked Richie Allen again for the right to respond and again he took ages typing and retyping this;


Now that is embarrassing for Richie Allen to even think it is a valid excuse for not giveing me the right to respond.  In other words.  It is blatantly obvious he is protecting Shaun and trying to help him out by letting him suggest I'm a paedophile and a grass and it is understandable that he what he did do with Cali Diamon

Therefore, I asked him if he could read a statement out form me and this was the response;

Again, that is cringeworthy for Richie Allen's promoting himself as a man who questions the Establishment and the like.  So, hardly anyone knows who I am but he knew to come to me on twitter.  

And get the line about Shaun, "he has shitloads!" of trolls attacking him.  In other words, Richie is seeing me as a Troll, he is protecting Shaun Attwood.

Keep in mind Richie Allen is quick to call out other people for their behaviour.  What he tried to say was that because he hatEs Sonia Poulton's guts with a vengeance and Sonia is now working with Shaun, if he gave me a right of reply that would make him look vindictive ??????????


Here is a section from his show where Richie Allen reads out Shaun's statement.  Listen to how he stresses the word "Troll" in reference to me and then says he will not go further with it because does not know all the details.

Well if he doesn't know what he is talking about why mention it at all?.

To me it is apparent that Richie Allen could have been sent to fish for what evidence I had.  He asked about what I know and what evidence I had then was not interested in seeing it.  That tells me he was not interested in seeing the evidence, it felt like he was sent to find out if I had evidence or not.  

Brian Harvey the ex lead singer from East 17, has raised concerns about Richie Allen, it feels like some one is controlling him behind the scenes, ensuring that a certain narrative is kept to, a script. I am in agreement with Brian on that subject.

James Esposito - Underground films

Lastly I have to mention one odious person who was involved in the #DaddyGate scandal.  James Esposito.

James owns Underground Films, which by the way he describes it, you would think he was a Major Documentary maker, Well, this is how he describes himself on StarNow 

"Advertiser, Actor, Extra, Influencer, Photographer, Composer, Film producer / Manager, Writer / Director, Lighting Crew Member, Camera Operator, Editor / Post Production Staffer, Other Film & Stage Crew"

What he left out is that he is such an influencer his YouTube subs and Twitter followers say otherwise, he's small fry, positive tiddler fry in the Film and Documentary Industry.

He really relies on his bread and butter earnings from Shaun Attwood and his podcasts.  Her sets up the cameras in the rooms.  I only met him for a brief moment in the Liverpool Studio and he was nice enough, said hello and that was it I was off back home.

But James has a nasty, vindictive side to him.  It was him that had a copyright strike put against this video I did about UKs Hidden Shadows because I dared to use 53 seconds of his "Camera Work"  Even though it was legally Shaun's, he paid for it.

But that act would come back to haunt James as it has given me the evidence to show that Shaun's claims that he and Cali Diamond had been trying to take me down for months is false.  Here is the video he had banned.

I initially thought it was Shaun who had given me the copyright strike before YouTube told me who had put in the claim.  Shaun  denied he had done so. 

Hi AnnI have no idea what you are talking about.  Someone is playing a us off against each other I watch your videos all the time and enjoy them  I warned you this could happen ages ago who else did you put in that video that could have filed the claim

That email was sent to me on the 19th of July.  Then I realized it was James who had put in the claim and Shaun told him to reverse it.

Despite the false allegations you made about me I got the strike reversed for you you owe me one now but be careful moving forward because others may employ that strategy against you I warnef you this from the beginning about using people's content and you had the nerve to blame me
But Shaun as to claim that he and the paedophile hunter Cali Diamond were taking me down as a military target for months.  And that the photographs and videos on the sex website were part of that stratagem.

They were posted to the site in June.  So, why get James to reverse the strike of another two would have taken my channel down?  It does not make sense and what it proves is what I said all the time, there was no plan to take me down, Cali diamond is no paedophile hunter.  They simply panicked when I put it out thre that people had been scammed via Go Fund Me and it was likely Shaun Attwood is Cali Diamonds lover and Pimp.  


The conclusion is very simple, Shaun Attwood has proven what I have said about him for a long time, he is not genuinely shocked by, or concerned by Child Sex Abuse or Satanic Ritual Abuse, he uses those subjects to gain clicks and earn money.

Now people will say Shaun Attwood is drawing attention to such subjects including trafficking, that is one of the things Sonia Poulton pointed out when she was struggling to save his reputation.  But Shaun goes further, he claims he is actively working to end paedophilia in the ESTABLISHMENT and to end TRAFFICKING and to BRING DOWN PAEDOPHILES.

But ther is no evidence of this, he is simply rehashing old news, like the Jimmy Savile, Westminster paedophiles and presenting some very dubious claims by the likes of Jeannette Archer, Wilfred Wong and Jon Wedger of Satanic Ritual Abuse, where claims are made but no physical or medical evidence produced to back up those claims.  All Shaun Attwood is doing is,


After Shaun had interviewed me back in October 2019, I was not happy with how his subject matter suddenly changed from talking about Prisons and Prisoners to talking in very graphic details about child sex abuse.  (Though, it could be argued, he never did really talk about Prison Reform he was simply glamourizing Gangsters and Cons.  That he only taked about refom in schools to get a paycheque)  

It was not only the fact him and his guests went into graphic details that was worrying, it was how Shaun himself reacted when hearing or talking about it himself.  He would read out victim witness statements made by Epstein's victims with a large smile on his face and the light in his eyes the more graphic the details got made it clear he was not horrified or repulsed by this, he was enjoying it.  

Then there would be the over the top expressions of shock and horror, the exaggerated slow shaking his head from side to side and a sound he make which sound more like he was climaxing than a gasp of horror.

Before the interview Shaun posted our interview on his channel, I got cold feet and asked him to not post it at all, which he refused to consider.  I cannot condemn him for refusing not to post it because it did cost him nearly £400 to film not including his travel costs coming up to Liverpool to do so.  I should have offered to refund that money, which I did not.

But Shaun's excuse for posting it is telling of what he is really like.  He told me to think about all the victims on Merseyside being sexually exploited.  It sounded like he was taking the piss to me.

(Note: this email looks different from the other ones from Shaun because back in 2019 I was using a different email account and it would put intitials on peoples emails if they had no avi.)

don't be afraid because wild man fell asleep, I guarantee that my audience will love you and support your work, if you really care about the victims, you would want to reach a much bigger audience so that changes can be made


All the best,


I thanked Shaun for his concern about the youths on Merseyside (where he was born and grew-up) and asked him if he would like to challenge the Chief Constable of the Merseyside Police, Chief Constable Andy Cooke and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy over allowing an investigation into VIP paedophiles on Merseyside to be covered-up.

Needless to say Shaun has never has shown one bit of interest in doing that. He never has actively helped any victims of child sex abuse or exploitation.  His interest goes as far as how much money he can make from clicks.

Shaun is not interested in taking a proactive role in challenging any sort of paedophile, that is proven by the fact he cannot provide names of these paedophile Cali Diamond was supposed to have helped put behind bars.  Shaun Attwood is a LIAR and so is Cali Diamond.

Did Cali Diamond really try to kill herself in Shaun's flat?  Or was it a stunt to try and gain more donations to her Go Fund Me Page by reeling in sympathy?

Was Shaun helping Cali Diamond or was he exploiting her?

One thing is for certain Cali Diamond recovered from her suicide attempt extremely quickly and Shaun showed no qualms in having a sexual relationship with her and involving her in a very distasteful prank.

Has Cali Diamond been the victim of trafficking or was she simply pimped out and her Pimp was violent towards her, hence the photographs of injuries?

Two things are for for sure, human traffickers do not usually let their victims have horses and live in comfortable surroundings.  And there is no way Cali Diamond is in any danger from traffikcers today, as her and Shaun claim she is to gain more funds to the Go Fund Me Page.

The upshot is, as I see it, Shaun Attwood has revealed his true nature in regards to child sex explitation and trafficking, it is ameans to make money END!


  1. Great work and I certainly will not be following the liar anymore

  2. Not a bad read, few spelling mistakes but hey its a better read then the guardian

    1. Yer I saw that but I think their will be a lot of anger their wile writhing that out on here I guess don't you, He's conned us all in the end and all his loyal fans and it's the fans that have put him were he is now And put bread on his table so to speak off the back of you tube !

  3. Thankyou Ann, you've explained the situation very clearly and truly have the support of many who also saw through Shaun's lies.

  4. Commendable Ann, well put together. You are honest, you have been very fair to everyone regardless of how they have treated you and pointed out/corrected your mistakes along the way where needed. You not backed down when threatened and intimidated, you have clearly set the record straight with evidence, where you could have easily manipulated things to push a narrative but I comment you on your honest report and wise opinions. You've stood tall in the face of hate, slander, threats and criticism. I hope your work helps others with the bigger issues at hand like exploitation of vulnerable individuals, fake narratives, outright lies, scams and bullying. I hope people remember what you have done to highlight this the next time someone tries something like this again! I was a huge fan of Shaun but you've definitely taught me not to take everything at face value and to be more critical of what and who I support and believe! I hope you can finally put this behind you and continue to use your skills to expose other corrupt people and bring more positivity to the world!
    Many blessing and positive vibes to you!

  5. Don't you think they mean Militant Not Military Ie Militant : Someone who is engaged in a war or who acts aggressively for their cause, If you are militant in your beliefs, You do not question them any more than a soldier questions his orders ! Or
    You use militant to describe people who believe in something very strongly and are active in trying to bring about political or social change, often in extreme ways that other people find unacceptable.

  6. Just read this on You tube about her name !

    {Quote}It isn't even her real name and she's asking for money yet won't reveal her REAL name, and ppl are falling for it, Her real name is Jennifer I think. She use to travel with the travelling gypsy circus and lied and stole from them , she made enemies with them , so yeah, she probably did get punched that night she talked about in her live stream. {Quote}

  7. Thank you Ann - always thought that saun rattwood was a wrong one ๐Ÿ˜ก = just a VILE creature needs putting down if u ask me + truth always comes out in the end SHOCKING...Good work....subscribed on your YouTube channel๐Ÿ‘

  8. Nice one Ann. Im ashamed to admit that I initially thought ๐Ÿ’ญ shaun was an ok ๐Ÿ‘Œ bloke. This seals the deal. Both he and her are scum. They need to receive their commupence

  9. Ann I really think it’s about time you actually published Cali’s real name Jenny Anne Brierley.


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